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Our catch basin grates are expertly manufactured for a wide range of applications. We have a product for every type of project and environment, from pedestrian load plastic grates to heavy-duty cast iron grates. Our grates come in A, B, and C load classes so that you can find the perfect option for your specific installation. Note that our catch basin grates are specifically designed to work with all of our Standartpark Catch Basins. That said, they may work with other catch basins, but be sure to double check the specifications to confirm.

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Q. Your grating seems smaller, why is that?

Our gratings are designed for our basins (which also sell in complete packages). Our 12x12 Grating is for our 12x12 basins, but the dimensions of the grating itself is 11x11. Please make sure to double check the specifications of the grate before purchasing, or contact us with any questions.

Q. What is the gallons per minute (GPM) of the grating?

The GPM will be listed on the product page of each catch basin grate cover. If you have more questions about the GPM rating, please reach out to us.

Q. Do you have bulk discounts?

A. Yes! We offer what is called “pallet quantity” discounts for catch basin covers. Please reach out for exact pricing.

Our load classes are derived from A to C on our Catch Basin Grates.

A Class - 3,300 lbs - for pedestrian use only

B Class - 27,500 lbs - Medium duty traffic and cars. Light trucks and speeds less than 30 mph.

C Class - 55,000 lbs - Heavy duty traffic, forklifts, buses and garages.

We have four options as far as material;

Plastic - This will be for your home / garden area with no loads of heavy value going over it at all.

Galvanized Steel - Light traffic such as bicycles, riding lawn mowers, and carts.

Stainless Steel - Can be driven on , cars, trucks, and heavy duty vehicles.

Cast Iron - Heavy duty vehicles, dump trucks, and buses.

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The Advantages of Our High-Quality Catch Basin Grates

While the purpose of catch basin grates is to allow water to flow into the basin, our sleek grating designs minimize the inflow of debris. Resistant to corrosion and wear and tear, our high-quality grates prove to also be cost-effective as they last longer and require less maintenance over time.

Coming in a variety of load classes and color options, based on their material, our catch basin grates help to prevent accidents by covering the opening of a catch basin, providing a stable surface. Our collection begins with plastic grates which are ideal for pedestrian use, includes galvanized and stainless steel grates for standard vehicles, and culminates with our ductile cast iron grates for forklifts, buses and garages. Trust our superior quality products for reliable performance and safety on your next project.

If you have other landscape jobs in mind, our craftsmanship extends to our other products like the commercial grade steel landscape edging system, as well as our GeoGrid, Hexpave, and Easypave systems.