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Our Catch Basin grates are specifically designed to work with all of our Standartpark Catch Basins. This is not to say they would not work with your needs, but please make sure to double check the specifications to determine if they would. Comes in all types of grating material as well as load classes depending on your installations.

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Q. Your grating seems smaller, why is that?

Common question on this, our gratings are designed for our basins (which we do sell complete packages as well). Our 12x12 Grating is for our 12x12 basins, but the dimensions of the grating is 11x11. Please make sure to double check the specifications of the grate before purchasing, or contact us with any questions.

Q. What is the GPM of the grating?

The GPM will be listed on the product page you are looking for, if you have more questions about the GPM (gallons per minute) rating, please reach out to us via chat here on the site, or give us a call.

Q. Do you have bulk discounts?

A. Yes absolutely, we have what is called “pallet quantity” discounts, please reach out to us to find out that pricing if it’s needed.

Our load classes are derived from A to C on our Catch Basin Grates.

A Class - 3,300 lbs - for pedestrian use only

B Class - 27,500 lbs - Medium duty traffic and cars. Light trucks and speeds less that 30 mph.

C Class - 55,000 lbs - Heavy duty traffic, forklifts, buses and garages.

We have four options as far as material;

Plastic - This will be for your home / garden area with no loads of heavy value going over it at all.

Galvanized Steel - Light traffic such as bicycles, riding lawn mowers, and carts.

Stainless Steel - Can be driven on , cars, trucks, and heavy duty vehicles.

Cast Iron - Heavy duty vehicles, dump trucks, and buses.

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