Our Concrete channel accessories are for use with any of our concrete or polymer concrete channel systems. Providing inline basins, sealants, and sand traps for your installation. Please contact us with any questions at all.

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Q. - What end cap do I get for the system I ordered? 

A. So that will all depend on your channel depth. Please make sure you carefully read the title and the description of each end cap. If you have any questions please do reach out. 

Q. - I want to hook up a 4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe, but your end caps are set up for drain pipe, can i still do this? 

A. Yes absolutely, all you need is one of our schedule 40 PVC adapters for that, we have them both for 3 inch PVC and 4 inch PVC. 

Q. Do I need installation brackets? 

A. Installations brackets are honestly a good idea in our opinion. They provide a good way to make sure your top is level and that your channels do not move at all during your pour. 

Vodaland sells and ships our own one of a kind industrial sealant. This sealant is perfect for channel to channel connection as well as providing a water tight seal for all pipe outlets.

Quick drying time and professional grade means you do not have to wait around for your rubber / silicone to bond over a day or two. 

Our inline concrete and polymer concrete sand trap connections are design to directly inline with your system. These are highly recommended as the last line of sediment trap and debris filter within your system. When washing out your concrete system, all debris will be caught within the included sediment basket before allowing water to disperse into your water out line. Defending your piping from being clogged in the future. As usually, call or message us with any questions at all.

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