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About Vodaland - Your Landscape & Drainage Solutions Company

Vodaland is a trade and engineering company working in the field of collection, purification, drainage, engineering and landscaping. We are represented in 8 countries and have 40 sales offices.

We have been providing our customers with quality products and exemplary service for over 20 years. We manufacture our own products. Our range of products is the optimum combination of reliability and accuracy.

Years of experience in the market.
sales offices in 8 countries
 of our own manufacturing facilities

Committed to Crafting Innovative Solutions

At Vodaland we are dedicated to creating terrain development solutions that not only prioritize safety and aesthetic appeal, but also efficiency. We are passionate about our work, and strive to produce results that are both functional and visually stunning. Our team of experts is committed to providing high-quality landscaping  and drainage systems and products that exceed our clients' expectations.

Customer’s Reviews

Projects and Case Studies

From public parks to private driveways, parking areas and more, our case studies demonstrate the unique capabilities of our solutions to enhance and elevate any outdoor space. With real-world examples and tangible results, we invite you to explore the transformative power of landscape drainage solutions in action.

Easypave Grid for our parking area

In our home we had a large front of the house parking area that we wanted to make look very nice...

12" Installation in local park

This system was an absolute breeze to install. They have a nice slide / seam connection and were installed within a day...

8" Channel on our driveway

Major water issues coming down the driveway and into our yard and street... We are very happy with our driveway, and happy that after 1 year, it still looks brand new.

News and Resources

Vodaland trench drains in Seattle Airport

To be clear, this was a year long process from design to finish. With custom elements involved of cutting ...

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Easypave Grid for our parking area

In our home we had a large front of the house parking area that we wanted to make look very nice.

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Best company I have professionally worked with

We installed a 25,000 sq ft parking area with Vodalands Easypave Grid. Could not have been happier from start to finish, as well as the overall quality of the system. 

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