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Vodalands oil / water / grease separators are the perfect solution for any separation needs at your auto facility, kitchen, car wash and much more. Water and oil are mixed together and need to be removed, our built in coalescent filter will bubble the grease and oil to the top, making it easy to remove from the tank. Brass interior piping for no corrosion, made with a very strong and lightweight fiberglass body for easy no hassle installation. We try to stay in stock, but please reach out to ask before ordering because they do go fast.

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Q. What is a coalescent filter.

The filter is a patent design that separates the oil and water by making the oil bubble and gather at the top of the filter and tank. After this separation, you will safely be able to remove all oils from the tank with ease.

Q. How do I know which size I need?

A. This usually depends on the amount of water you get throughout the day. Usually auto shops will need a 70 to 135 gallon to be pumped out once a month, on the flip side a car wash would want to utilize our 215 gallon as they will not want to maintain the amount of oil that would be in daily. Its best to reach out to your local contractor to get a recommendation on size, but we are here with answers to your questions.

Q. How do I install these?

We urge you to go to the oil separator that you are interested in and view our installation video. Its great and very very helpful.

Q. What pipe inlet sizes are on these?

They are fitted automatically with a 6 inch inlet / outlet piping. However if you need a reducer they can be used on them as well.

Q. I need something larger than what is online, this possible?

A. So this is where we come in … yes we can custom size literally anything you want in an oil / water separator. We ask however for a custom design , please allow 3-4 months for production and delivery.

Vodaland now has an industrial kitchen grease trap. Made with high quality HDPE and simple to roll in and out of your setting, fitted with a quick output and a debris basket its not becoming the new staple in grease traps in your kitchen.

Case studies of our oil/water separators from our customers. 

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