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Our manhole covers come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials to meet all your installation needs. Our collection spans three load class ratings from PPE plastic manhole covers (B Class) to heavy duty ductile cast iron covers (D Class). With your choice of a square or round cover design, and their respective 3" or 4" tall frame, you can select the perfect shape for your project. But regardless of which design you choose, our manholes are 100% sealable, preventing all manner of gas, liquid, and odor leaks.

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Q. Do you have larger sizes than 24 inch internal opening?

A. We are currently working on providing manholes of various sizes, including larger than 24 inches. As of right now, all of our manholes have 24-inch internal diameter openings.

Q. Are the bars in the middle removable?

A. Yes, the steel bars in our B Class Manhole covers are removable. That said, they provide a secondary layer of reinforcement to the structure, which allows it to meet the B Class load for light vehicles.

Q. How do I install these?

A. Please consult our manhole installation video on the product page. It is very informative and demonstrates how to install the manhole frames and covers.

Q. Do manholes covers have environmental benefits?

A. Yes, manhole covers help to prevent the release of harmful substances, such as sewage, into their surrounding area. This helps protect public health and keep the surrounding environment clean.

A Class - 3,300 lbs - for pedestrian use only

B Class - 27,500 lbs - Medium duty traffic and cars. Light trucks and speeds less that 30 mph.

C Class - 55,000 lbs - Heavy duty traffic, forklifts, buses and garages.

D Class - 88,000 lbs - Heavy duty hard tire forklifts, trucks, gas stations, industrial areas

Our plastic manhole covers are B Class rated, which are great for your everyday light car usage. 

Our Cast Iron manhole covers are D Class rated for heavy truck loads , forklifts, and all extreme heavy duty loads.

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A Manhole Cover for All Types of Projects

At Vodaland, we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality solutions for an array of terrain development projects. That's why we have developed manhole covers to meet different load requirements. Our high composite PPE Plastic manhole frames and covers are the lightest in our collection. Falling in the B Class, they are most suited for cars and light trucks going at speeds of less that 30 mph. Our manhole lid covers are available in a variety of colors, including black, brown, green, orange, blue, and gray.

Iron covers, on the other hand, offer greater durability than plastic covers. As a result, our ductile cast iron covers meet the C and D Class load requirements for heavy duty traffic and vehicles. For areas where storm water is a concern, we also offer cast iron manhole storm covers and storm drain grate covers that easily allow water to flow through, protecting surrounding areas from runoff.

If you need other solutions for standing water or stormwater applications, take a look at our slot drain collection.