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Our manhole covers come in a wide array of colors , styles, and materials to meet you needs in your installation. As well as provided two load class ratings. Our round manhole covers are 24” Internal opening and 31” Exterior dimension and are 100% sealable to prevent oder / gas from leaking out. They are B Class and C Class Rated systems. From PPE plastic (B Class) to heavy duty ductile cast iron covers (C Class).

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Q. Do you have larger sizes than 24 inch internal?

We are currently working on providing larger sizes, as of right now, all of our manholes are 24 inch internal openings. We do not carry any larger sizes.

Q. Are the bars in the middle removable?

Yes the bars in our B Class Manhole covers are removable. They are there for a secondary structure to ensure the B Class load for light vehicles.

Q. How do I instal these?

I urge you to see our manhole installation videos on all of the product pages, they are very informative, along with the installation instructions.

Q. Do you have any with openings in the top for water to be allowed to come in?

A. Yes that would be our cast iron storm water manhole cover.