About Vodaland

Industrial Grating

Steel Flooring options to install on your rooftop or the ground below allowing ultimate drainage while meeting ADA requirements

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Light Parking Lot

Our Hexpave System is perfect for any light vehicle parking lot at your home or business. 

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Industrial Trench Drains

Heavy Duty neutral systems to fiber concrete pre slope systems. Our industrial solutions will find a result for any job needed. 

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Pool Drains

Our Slot Drain Systems are the #1 installation in and around swimming pools. Limited visibility with ultimate water capture and removal

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Oil / Water Separators

Multitude of oil and grease separation products to disperse clean water from your industrial setting.

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ADA Compliance

Multiple Trench Drain options with ADA and Heel Proof compliance. Meeting all specifications for high pedestrian and handicap installation specifications. 

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Large Parking Lots

Our #1 Rated Easypave Grid is the first and last step for your parking lot for all vehicles up to 88,000 lbs with H20 load capacity. 

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MEGA Trench Drain

Our Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pre Slope Systems are the #1 choice for professionals for extreme heavy duty installations up to G Class if needed!

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Vodaland designs and manufactures a wide range of solutions. Keeping our environment, land, and future improvement as our primary objective. We are represented in 8 countries and have 40 sales offices across the world. For more than 20 years we have been providing our customers with quality products and exemplary service. We make our own products, and get them directly to you. 

Our Mission: Pioneering the way in terrain development, we prioritize safety and aesthetics to transform and enhance the environment.


24 years of experience in the market.


4 of our own production facilities


14 private sales offices 


Over 1.2 million customers and growing. 


all certification of products according to ISO standards


Our own complete R&D devision

more than 4,000 products designed by us and growing

Vodaland's Mission - Pioneering the way in terrain development, we prioritize safety and aesthetics to transform and enhance the environment.


Crafting and delivering comprehensive solutions for water collection, terrain development, and permeable pavers in both industrial and residential applications.


Innovating engineering solutions tailored to your environment.


Forge meaningful partnerships with our clients as we craft customized solutions that not only address your specific needs but also go above and beyond your expectations.

Why choose us?

Own technical solutions

Our private technical and R&D department. Which means when you speak to us, you are speaking to the creators of the product. Not a distributor with no training. 

Pure quality control

From start to finish, you are guaranteed the solutions for your installation. From us, by us, to you. 

Real personal touch

Big or small job, we take care of you from within. Give us a call to see how your project can do nothing but improve with us. 

How we guarantee the quality of production...

By purchasing and utilizing Vodaland products, you are making sure to get a product whose production is certified according to world standards of ISO 9001. Vodaland has built an in house functional quality control system. Which includes our quality control director of our entire line. We have quality managers in each production facility, technology experts in each facility, and we own and operate or own testing facilities. Basically, from step 1 to your installation, we make sure everything is safe, smart, and done right.