12" Installation in local park - Vodaland

12" Installation in local park

For some odd reason, the architect specified a very large system for a local park we were constructing, you know how engineers can be sometimes. 

Anyway, it was like pulling teeth trying to find a system that would work, either it was WAY to industrial , or the gratings were not applicable for longevity within that. 

More importantly we could not find a single local distributor that had anything in stock without a 3-4 week lead time, which at that time we didn't have. 

We googled and reached out to Vodaland and they directed us to the 12 inch Maxi system. 

This system was an absolute breeze to instal. They were only about 75 lbs (give or take) and for a 12 inch system that is heavy duty like this, that was great for installation. Have a nice slide / seam connection and they were installed within a day. We had over 100 LF of this stuff to put in, all arrived in a perfectly tight pallet on time as promised. 

We have been back to Vodaland for each project we can use them, excellent company very well ran. 

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