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Geo / Ground Grid Driveway Installation

Thank you for purchasing Vodaland’s cutting edge Geo / Ground Grid Driveway system. Our grid is one of a kind due to its high level of craftsmanship and detail. The grid is made of a dense and flexible polyethylene material rather than a textile fabric, and will hold up to just about whatever you want to drive on or do with. So first let us answer a couple of FAQs regarding the Ground Grid installation process:

Q: Can I cut my Ground Grid Driveway system to various sizes?

A: Yes, you can cut to size, but always make sure you are just filling the cells with the material, not the open cells.

Q: Can I use my Ground Grid Driveway system for parking spaces and landscaping?

A: Yes, this system is perfect for driveways, parking lots, and gardens. Even heavy duty vehicles are good with this fabric.

Q: What types of materials do I need to fill my system with?

A: You can use any type of material you want, from dirt, to fine pea gravel, to heavy rocks, all thanks to the super durable polyethylene material.

Q: Can I connect my grids together at any time?

A: Yes, you can connect these grids together during installation, but again, just make sure the cells add up together. 

Geo Ground Grid Installation - How to Install Gravel Grids

  1. Firstly, make sure you prepare your ground. If you want to use sand, gravel, etc., just make sure it’s compacted tightly before laying the grid down. You want to make sure to do this step correctly, as the top and layout of the project will depend on it, especially if you want an evenly spread ground grid driveway system. 
  1. Stretch out geo grid to size. You can anchor them down using the anchors we provide, or you can even attach the grids as well. The grid does not need to be fully stretched if you don't need or want it to be. This again is due to the incredibly strong and durable polyethylene material we use, so you can customize it the way you want.
  1. When you pour your material, start at one corner and work your way out. Pack down 75% tightly while doing this. Take your time, even it out, and make sure it looks good. We recommend about 1/2 to 1 inch above the grid at this point for an optimal geo ground grid installation.
  1. Pack tightly. Take a hand tamper to pack your material, add material as you wish if you start seeing the grid, but make sure you have a tightly packed geo grid. This helps extend life span and makes it look great. And that's it!

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