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4" Cast iron system in large park installation

As a general contractor, we have been utilizing the same systems for a long time from (company name removed). As they are the most common to get ahold of, every time that we called them, the price kept on going up and up. It was honestly ridiculous and just decided to venture out to look for another company that could help us out. 

We spoke to Vodaland for some time, honestly at that time we have never heard from them - this was about 3 years ago. Now as you can see online they are just about everywhere and making a good name for themselves, and for all the right reasons. 

Vodaland is now our one and only go to provider for all of our trench drain projects. The pricing is spot on, free shipping can not be beat, and their customer service has honestly improved year over year. We have a personal rep there, but each person I have spoken tool has helped us out immensely. 

So just wanted to reach out on a case study and speak out our latest project which was a large public park with the 4" Cast Iron Slotted Package. 

Here are some recommendations we have learned over time. 

1. Utilize the installation mounting brackets, they cut down installation time in half and they are very simple to work with. Its nice that you can place them where you wish and you are not handicapped on rebar placement like other systems. 

2. Use their Polymer Sealant, its good stuff, better than you can find in the stores. 

3. Keep the gratings in when you do the pour - it helps with grating placement in the future. The channels will stay tight. They stated they are coming up with a grating cover for protection during the concrete pour - excited about this... 

4. Call them - they will help with any questions, and if you have to leave a message, they will call right back. 

I will attach some other photos from some other projects as well. Keep up the great work, we highly recommend them. 

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