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4" Channel in our driveway - water issues no more

We were having serious puddling and water run off issues on our driveway. We wanted an economic solution, while still maintaining a great look. 

I personally was never a large fan of the cast iron, and didn't really want stainless because of our house design. 

I called Vodaland and asked them if they had any plastic solutions that could work for our problem. They immediately directed me to the 4" Driveway Channel. By the title of the product itself, if figured it would work, and it truly did. 

The installation was a complete ease. These channels have a snap and lock connection that was firm. We did seal off the connections still though, and the pipe and end caps were super easy. 

We looked up and down at our local "big box" store, but all we found were these cheap little drains that looked like they would break in about 2-3 weeks. 

These systems were nothing but industrial looking with the price of a less expensive system. 

We could not be happier, Thank you Vodaland. 

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