8" Channel on our driveway - Vodaland

8" Channel on our driveway

Major water issues coming down our driveway into our yard and out to the street. More importantly we had a problem with water puddling up in that area as well. I looked at some 4 inch channel systems, but due to the amount of water coming down, they just would not cut it. 

Spoke to (name removed) from Vodaland and they stated the 8" Cast Iron system would be the ticket. After a lengthy conversation about installation, use, stability, warranty, and everything else I decided to make the purchase. 

It was more that we wanted to spend at the time, but when I got pricing on other 8 inch systems, Vodaland came in about 20% less expensive, and the shipping was free. 

The contractor that did the installation, is now only using their systems as well now because of the ease of the installation, and the overall quality of the product. 

We are very happy with our driveway, and happy that after 1 year, it still looks brand new. 

Side note - the system that we used was the 8" Drive Channel - 8 inch depth. 



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