Best company I have professionally worked with - Vodaland

Best company I have professionally worked with

We installed a 25,000 sq ft parking area with Vodalands Easypave Grid. Could not have been happier from start to finish, as well as the overall quality of the system. 

It began with a simple phone call and a problem. We had a large project that we had to deal with, a commercial lot, and we needed a permeable paver solution. We originally went towards Truegrid, another US based company. However the prep that they require was honestly insane. Four to six inches of gravel and a lot going into that, after I did my calculations with them, I noticed we are getting close to concrete costs. That is where Vodaland stepped in.



The true beauty about easypave was honestly the prep, or lack of prep that was needed. When speaking to the rep, we found out that they Easypave grid had what was called a "lily pad" system which did not require a base, or rather not much of a base. That right there saved us thousands of dollars. On top of that they have free shipping, and again, that saved us thousands. 

For 25K sq ft I was able to ge this under 2 dollars per sq ft. It was (the entire 25,000 sq ft lot) installed in UNDER A DAY! Yes in under one day. Immediately was able to drive on it not filled, dumped the gravel and that was it. Its been 1 full year, still works like its brand new. 

All I want to state is this, Vodaland did not just make the sale, they were on call and called me back every, single, time I tried to reach out. The customer service was absolutely 10/10 and that is very rare this day and age. I honestly can not wait until I get another project where I have to use them. Just to get that type of service again. Thank you very much, and it was my pleasure to do business with you guys and love that I get to write something like this on our site. I was 10K under my budget and the result looks like a million dollars. 

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