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Easypave Grid for our parking area

In our home we had a large front of the house parking area that we wanted to make look very nice. The issue was it was we had nothing but very rocky and hard ground in that area, nothing but uneven spaces and really nothing to work with as well. 

We decided to brick around a wall and install bricks on the ground as well, to make the set up for the parking pad area look very nice. 

We initially were looking at a product called true grid, but the main problem we had with them is they required so much base layer. Up to 5 inches, which didn't make sense at the time, but when you looked at their product, you will see some design flaws. 

The finished result was better than we wanted, and cost us MUCH less than the competition would have charged especially after installation. We have been using it for 6 months and things are working out perfectly, could not be more happy and highly recommend the Easypave Grid from Vodaland. 

Finding out about Easypave

So we reached out to Vodaland to discuss the Easypave Paver System. The easypave system has its own base design, I believe they call it their "lily pad" design, that requires minimal and in some cases no base layer at all. As you can see in our photos, all we literally did was put soil over the current ground and leveled the area out. Then we installed the easypave grid directly over that.


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