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Hexpave Parking structure, yes please!

So I would assume that I had a common problem with my parking situation. So I wanted to build a covered parking area - but the issue was the grounding. 

I wanted something stable, but sure as heck was not going to fork out thousands of dollars for concrete. Plus concrete cracks and just doesn't look the same in 5 to 10 years , you know? Well I reached out online with a simple google and came across this hexpave system. 

I was told that for my light car that is the system to use , and that their would be no looking back. Boy, they were not just selling me, they were 100% correct on all aspects

Installation was a breeze, they simply snap and lock together. I put down a small base for drainage, and some of their Agro Textile for a weed barrier. 

Thank you very much, could not be happier! 


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