Slot drains are just amazing - Vodaland

Slot drains are just amazing

As a contracting company, we were looking for a solution that made our customers happy, while not really breaking their bank. Insert Vodaland's Slot Drain system. We reached out months in advance to get all the information we could about them. I was able to talk them into sending us a small sample, which they did without questions. 

We utilized two different types of slot drain systems. The stainless steel wall slot, and the regular slot drain system. Tried to add the photos here, so you all know which units I am talking about. 

We opted into the stainless steel as our installation was going around a pool, and up agains the house foundation and we did not want any rust , or rather our customers wanted to make sure that would not happen in the future. 

The stainless steel systems are just great. They are the highest grade stainless I have seen in trench drains. They stated it was 316 stainless steel, after some googling I realized that is pretty much the highest grate, and the look is a brushed stainless, not that shiny cheap type of stuff you see elsewhere. 

We also opted into the ADA heel proof gratings for the slot drain systems for around the pool area. People with heels can be walking around and our customer did not want to chance that. We decided on the Modern design for that. 

Everything arrived 2 days ahead of schedule and we were able to plan everything out accordingly in record time. The installation was great, we utilized the installation mounting brackets for a nice level guarantee. Single pour installation and poof we were done. 

The end result was amazing, looked great and customers could not be more happy. The real great thing for us honestly was the customer service we received from Vodaland. They answered the calls, took their time helping us out, walked us through the installation, patient and very great to work with. As a plumbing contractor you usually run into issues with getting ahold of people who can actually help. Vodaland is a company that truly understands what is needed, and leads by example. We have been back 4 more times for 4 more projects and will not go anywhere else for our needs. Thank you everyone there... 

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