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Vodaland trench drains in Seattle Airport

To be clear, this was a year long process from design to finish. With custom elements involved of cutting and design. Approvals from multiple engineering departments and much more. 

Having said that, Vodaland was a pleasure through the entire process. They were with us every step of way through the project. 

We utilized a mix of options with them from their 8" internal pre sloped fiber concrete system, and the 12" internal pre sloped fiber concrete system - both were honestly top of the line, and the best looking systems 

The final result was nothing short of perfection for us honestly. They went together with ease. Come with these installation brackets that are completely customizable on your site. Which honestly is very nice as you never really know where you will have soft spots etc etc. 



I would highly recommend utilizing them for any large product, no complaints here. 



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