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Used GeoCells for our horse paddocks, and its awesome

Hello Vodaland and possible customers. I own a private equestrian "resort" of types and had some massive mud issues around my horse paddock areas. I reached out to several companies before falling into the hands of Standartpark. We really had some interesting insights from gravel, to mulch to many other things. 

The problem we had honestly more than anything else was the fact that none of that solved our main issues when it comes to actually solving our mud problem. 

First we put gravel down along that was washed away and squished all over the place, literally was money down the drain. Then we used a matting system , that was really a paid to try to keep clean and because of the mud issue, the matts would warp and be uneven, which didn't make my little buddies happy. Very uneven areas and pot holes. 

So when we reached out to Vodaland with the problem, then immediately suggested the GeoCells, 4 inch tall. They stated to do the following

1. Lay down 2-3 inches of gravel and level out for a solid base

2. Stretch out the grid and anchor it down and tight. 

3. Fill the cells completely with 3/4 inch gravel or larger. 

So I asked them if that was literally all, and they said yes of course. So of course with my past issues that I had I was incredibly skeptical, so I ordered a single unit to put down. That unit worked great, but little was to be seen with the entire area I wanted to do... here is the results of that. 


A lot can be said about patience and good service. I truly appreciate all the help that Vodaland gave me. If anyone wants to reach out , please do not hesitate, they will help you with great ease and support. 

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