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Garden Drainage

Garden drainage is a very important concept for those who cherish this beautiful hobby. However sometimes water and sediment can cause damage, and you need to protect your system. So how do you get this done? What is the easiest most cost effective way to do this? Well I would like to take this time to educate you on our EASY Home System. Bare with me, this won't be as boring as you think, especially if you are looking for a solution. (and if you want to skip down to instructions.... go to the bottom of this article... but hopefully you listen up... you just might enjoy what you read)

So many homeowners take regret on how they DONT do things around the house. From "I should have cut the grass 3 days ago before it rained" or "yea I should have spend that extra buck to do the deck right". Water is , and this actually is a fact, one of the most helpful and just as evenly , dangerous substances known to man. A hard rain or Strom can pretty much ruin your entire garden, plants, and crops even. So you need to prevent this from happening. It really is important.

Our EASY System is truly one of a kind. So lets talk about each product...

Channels - Our spark channels are by far the easiest to install. But most importantly they are regarded as the most esthetically pleasing to the eye in the market. With a modern black design, they actually will add better looks to your home / garden. The industry standard for garden drainage has always been grey, or white. This causes nasty stains and unpleasing look. And our Spark system is also UV protected... which means... yes they will not fade. Our channels click together end to end. Yes, click... this makes installation a breeze. And on our spark 2 channel, there are 90 degree turns all the way down both sides of the channel. So this means that you don't need any 90 degree turn adapters. And both channels connect seamlessly to our spark round basin, or our spark square basin. We sell multiple size packages and discounted prices here. 

Basins - Our Easy catch basins not only look great, but they are extremely convenient . They come with sediment baskets to remove any debris that gets into your system before the run off. They come complete with matching plastic gratings, and as stated from above, they both connect seamlessly with our Spark 1 channel or Spark 2 channel. 


To remove water from your yard or garden... here are the steps.

1. Determine where you water is collecting

Yes this is an obvious step, but don't only see where the water is, see where it could go in your yard or garden as well. This prevents more pile up once the system is installed.

2. Channel with

Our Easy 1 channels are 3" internal systems, and our Easy 2 channels are 4" internal systems. Determine which will work best for you, and look best. They are the same price actually. So its genuinely a personal preference.

3. Where will your basin go? 

Vodaland highly recommends using a catch basin within your system. We recommend placing this basin in the "heart" of the water gathering, to insure the mass amount of water will be collected.

4. Install

Installation instructions can be found here at Vodalands website for the Easy Home system. Take your time and do it right.

If you ever have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at any time.

And as always, thank you for choosing Vodaland. 

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