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How to remove water from your yard.


So, your yard is flooded. Yes, this is a very common situation in peoples homes. Especially today with crazy storms coming out of all directions. So instead of a long introduction. Lets talk immediately about how you can remove this excess water from your yard.

Step 1. Is it point? Or run?

 - What do we mean by this? Ok well you need to decide wether your flooding situation is in one specific area... or a long area. This will determine if you need a point drainage system, or a trench drain system. A point drain system is for Catch Basins, or where all your water will go into one area. If its a long section, then a trench drain system will be your best bet.


Step 2. Where am I putting this water?

- This is a more common mistake, sure you want your water to leave your yard, but it has to go somewhere... so where will that be? Into a run off? Behind your house? You have to make this decision before installing anything, because you will have to run your PVC or Corrugated pipe to this area after you install your product. 


Step 3. Safety first

- Before installing any system, VODALAND must recommend that you make sure you have no running power lines where you are going to be doing digging. Please check with your local power to make sure you can dig, and have someone come out and make sure there will be nothing in your way. You think flood water is bad, being hit with 120+ Volts while your flooding, probably is worse!


Step 4. Purchase your product. (For point drainage)

- If its a point drainage system you need. Please click HERE to see all the catch basin options Standartpark has. We never charge for shipping, and have the lowest prices around. We are the manufacturer and the supplier, so you will get the best deals with us, we promise.


Step 4 again. For Trench Drains

- If you are going to install a trench drain system, then you have to ask yourself a couple of questions.

   1. Am I going to be driving over this? - If yes, you need AT LEAST a B Class load rating           grate.

   2. What width would you like? - The standards are 4, 6, 8, and 12 inch wide. Its your call, but remember, the wider... the more water you will collect.

   3. What depth would you like? - This goes hand in hand with width. How deep to you want your system to be? And again, remember, too shallow and you might be in the same situation.


Step 5. Installation

- If you end up going with Vodaland (and we really hope you do) all of our installation instructions are located here on the web site. And as always, you can call at anytime to speak with a tech or salesman that will help you with your installation.


And thats it! We know yard drainage can be a serious hassle, but hopefully Vodaland will be able to help you through all your issues. We offer free consultations over the phone regarding your problem, give us a call, and tell us your issue. We are here to help. 


Thank you for reading..... have a fantastic dry day!



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