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Why Trench Drain?

A little history lesson that you might not know about trench drains. And why , yes , they helped our civilization become what it is today. 

Despite the complexity of civilization and how it evolved, there is a real argument to be made that drainage was at the center of it all. In particular, the trench drain has given more to humanity than almost any other invention. The argument is simple, and there is amble evidence for it. Cities are not possible without complex drainage systems, and civilization is not possible without cities.

The history of Trench Drains is mysterious. Historians have debated the exact origin of the trench drain, and while a absolute consensus is yet to emerge, there are certain facts which highlight its importance. The essence of creating a trench drain is sinking a trench into the ground to collect water and other runoff, and then redirecting it to a different location. Simplified forms of these drains can be created by simply digging a trench in an area where the ground slopes downhill, which then collects water and sends it to the desired location at the lowest point of the hill.

Russell Crowe in Gladiator, Julius Casear, archtectural marvels, Latin, and massive parties come to mind when we think about Ancient Rome. But why did these wonders happen in the Roman empire and not elsewhere? The answer is simple- superior drainage. At the time, the Roman drainage systems were the most advanced the world had ever seen. They allowed the growth and creation of huge cities, because effective drainage created sanitary living conditions and kept the spread of disease at bay.

Further, the aqueducts that supplied fresh and clean water to cities and farms across the empire were essentially massive trench drain systems. 200 or more miles of waterway would use gravity to guide fresh water to farming communities and large cities, creating a large, healthy, and productive population. These aqueduct systems could be large scale models for modern trench drains.

Eventually, hundreds of years after the collapse of the western Roman Empire, the French were able to create similar designs in Paris. Little did they know that the implementation of advanced, large scale, trench drain systems would create one of the greatest modern cities, and a bastion of western culture.

Great cities are the building blocks of civilization, and cities cannot exists without effective drainage and wastewater systems.

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