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How To Lay Pavers on Grass

One of the most common questions we get here at Vodaland is, “how do you lay pavers on grass?” Luckily, when you choose to go with a grid system, you are able to lay your pavers without any grass removal, unlike many stone or brick options. Whether you are looking to create a walking path or need a base for your new shed, the process is generally the same.

Through some planning and prep and a final anchor, you can easily add our EasyPave or HEXpave paving systems directly on grass without any digging or grass removal. 

Before you do, you’ll want to take these three significant steps to ensure proper installation: 

Preparing The Area for The Pavers

Unlike other paving materials and options, our grid systems may be placed directly on grass. You’ll want to ensure the area is smooth; all debris and rocks should be removed from the site too.

For the EasyPave system, utilizing our EasyPave anchors is key to ensure the pavers have an excellent solid foundation and no “floating” occurs. Grass will grow as usual through the grids.

For the HEXpave, you’ll want to start on a freshly sprinkled or slightly damp lawn to make installation a bit easier and provide give to the ground.

Both pavers will contour to the ground, so you’ll want to double-check that the area you are placing them on is to your liking.

Connecting The Pavers

Once you have prepped the area for your new grid pavers, connecting them is the easy step. Each system easily snaps into the other, and if cuts need to be made, they should be before the grids are placed together. A simple handsaw can help you cut as needed. To speed up paver installation, you’ll want to connect the pavers themselves before filling or adding the long strips. Now that you have them all connected, you’ll want to double-check that the design and layout are to your liking. From there, you can begin to fill and anchor as needed. 

See the full directions and installation guides for the EasyPave Grass and Gravel Paving System here or installation for the HEXpave Grid system.  

Anchoring and Filling Your Pavers

Anchoring your pavers is not a required step; however, if you are laying them directly on grass or on an incline, this is a vital and recommended step to avoid your pavers from floating. As you anchor, you’ll want to stay with 1 or 2 anchors per grid; the extra holes are there for those who custom shape the pavers. 

While most installations will require filling, when placing pavers directly on grass, you don't have to worry about this step. The grass will grow through to fill the space, you'll just have to have a bit of patience while this occurs. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful new paving system for years to come! 

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