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My hexpave and geo grid project

We utilized Vodaland's Hexpave grid as a base for our basketball court, and on top of that, their 8" Geo Ground grid for a retaining wall. And it looks perfectly. 

 I started with contacting Vodaland with my issue. I had an ugly slope going into my back yard where I want to install a court for my kids. I spoke to (name removed) and he was nothing but perfectly helpful. 

We first had to dig into our wall, to give it a temporary wall if you would before laying the grid. The geo grid is extremely easy to cut into the strips that we wanted. And we did, as he suggested, moving 5 inches back each level and filling. I was expecting this part to go slow, but this actually went very fast. Our contractors were amazed with the product, and couldn't have turned out better on the grid itself. And in my opinion, it looks much better than your typical stone retaining wall. 


We then laid down the hexpave grid. Now, I don't want to exaggerate here, you see the size of the court, we laid that down in about 1 hour. They clip and lock SUPER fast and laid down the entire court with no problem. Spread out gravel in 30 min, before you know it we were on to the tiles... 

A lot can be said about a company standing behind their products. They made the installation of everything seem very simple. And yes, of course I was very skeptic about that. But they were 100% on. If their is ever another project where I can use any of Vodalands products, and their excellent customer service, you bet I will be back. Thank you very much! We are thrilled with the result. 

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