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12x12 Catch Basin Collection

We are proud to introduce our latest collection of 12x12 catch basins. Designed for unparalleled functionality and ease of use, each catch basin kit includes a fully enclosed basin with outlet cut-outs for 2, 3, 4, and 6-inch pipes, a sediment basket to keep debris out, and your choice of grating.

Explore our 12x12 catch basin collection and find the perfect solution for your drainage needs today!

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Q. How deep are these basins?

Our basins are 12x12 square - so they are 12 inches in depth as well. You should also know that our basins are stackable for a “well” option making it deeper if needed.

Q. What pipe can I attach to your basin?

Our basins are set up to accept standard drainage tile piping. PVC and ABS , Corrugated piping can also attach with your cut in the basin. No problem at all.

Q. Are they in stock?

Our website will clearly state if an item is not in stock. If you can add to cart, that means we have it. And we always make sure to keep more than enough catch basins in stock for all of our customers.

Q. What are the basins made of?

Our basins are made with 100% recycled PPE plastic, and the grating option that you choose. If you are wanting to drive over these, please make sure it is enclosed in concrete (see our installation videos for that) or you can get one of our concrete catch basins to make sure it will handle your load.

Q. How many catch basins do I need for a drainage system?

Determining the number of catch basins needed for a drainage system depends on several factors, including the size of the area, the amount of rainfall, soil type, and the slope of the land. For a precise calculation, find a Vodaland preferred installer near you and book a consultation with a recognized professional installer who can assess your specific site conditions and requirements.

Get Your Industry-Leading 12 x 12 Catch Basin Kit Today

Are you tired of dealing with excess surface water around your property? Look no further than our collection of 12x12 catch basin packages! 

Our range of grating options includes plastic (green grate), galvanized steel, stainless steel, and cast iron, each suited for different load classes and applications–we have a solution for any drainage need, no matter where water buildup occurs on your property. 

All of our catch basin packages come with a removable sediment basket, which helps keep your basin free of clogs. The sediment basket is easy to access and remove with partitions holding the basket above ground, so that any sediment that comes through the top of the system is caught and filtered. This effectively protects your outlet connection from clogging, which could lead to costly maintenance and repairs.

Versatile Solutions for Every Need

Our catch basins are perfect for both landscape and hardscape applications, providing excellent drainage for residential driveways and erosion-prone landscapes, and more.

For light vehicular traffic, such as bicycles, riding lawn mowers, and carts, our galvanized steel catch basins are an ideal choice.

Applications in Commercial and Industrial Settings

Need something more heavy-duty? Our stainless steel catch basins can handle cars, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles. And for the most demanding applications, our cast iron catch basins are built to handle even the heaviest loads, such as dump trucks and buses.

With our 12x12 catch basins, you can effectively divert water and prevent water buildup in poor drainage areas, keeping your property safe and dry. Upgrade your drainage system today with our catch basin packages and enjoy a safer, more secure property for years to come.