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Grease Traps

Our range of grease traps and interceptors are engineered to efficiently separate oil and solid impurities from water and keep your systems running smoothly. Whether it's a bustling restaurant, a commercial kitchen, or any food service facility, our grease traps ensure the smooth operation of your drainage systems and help ensure compliance with local regulations.

Understanding Grease Traps: Keeping Sewer Systems Flowing Smoothly

Vodaland’s grease traps and solid interceptors are designed to prevent grease blockages and ensure the separation of fats, oils, and solids from water. Solid, oil and grease interceptors play an important role in maintaining the integrity of your plumbing and septic tank. 

In a bustling commercial kitchen, the buildup of waste like oils and fats can lead to clogged drains, unpleasant odors, and potential damage to septic tanks or other infrastructure.  A grease interceptor prevents these issues with their ability to intercept and separate grease before it reaches the sewer system.

By collecting and separating grease, oils, and solids, grease traps help to keep your drainage systems free from blockages, ensuring proper water flow and waste disposal. Vodaland's innovative grease trap solutions are designed to withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for a range of applications, from busy restaurants to industrial facilities.

Vodaland's Commitment: Efficient Grease Management for a Cleaner Environment

At Vodaland, we're not just offering grease traps – we're providing sustainable solutions that ensure the smooth operation of your sewer systems while contributing to a cleaner environment. Our grease traps are meticulously designed to be easy to use and maintain, with features like easy-to-clean interiors and sediment baskets. Thanks to convenient rollers, there’s no need to carry heavy, grease-laden traps, making this dirty job simple and straightforward.  

Explore our various grease traps and oil / water separators and experience the difference that Vodaland's innovative solutions can make for your business and the environment.