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Catch Basin and Sand Trap Installation

Our catch basin and sand trap installations are very similar to trench drain installation, however there are a couple of steps to make sure its ran smoothly. So, lets go step by step.

1. Make sure you know where your outlet height and location is going to be. Something that we need to make sure of is that the distance between the basin outlet and where the piping is, is level. This is by trial and error as stated in step 3. 

2. Dig your basin hole 2-3 inches wider than the basin, and 3-4 inches deeper. This allows for your "filler" to get poured after placement. By filler we mean concrete, sand, clay, or any material that you are using. 

3. Place your 2-3 inches of your filler at the bottom of your catch basin hole. Then at this point is where you will make sure that your pipe connection is level. Once you have the desired height on the surface, and your outlet is lined up, then you connect your outlet piping immediately. 

4. Fill around your basin with cement , concrete, or whichever filler you desire. make sure its in all crevices and no air is in. This makes for a long lasting basin. If concrete, please allow to settle for 48 hours before driving over.

And thats all. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime. Thank you and have a great day, and thank you as always for choosing Standartpark!.