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Your answer for complete erosion control. Perfect for paver base, hillside erosion, shed base, parking pads, retaining walls and much much more. 

Geo Grid — #1 Ground Grid on the Market

Vodaland is your leading source for the highest quality Geo Grid systems on the market. We provide the best answer for complete erosion control with gravel grid system products perfect for paver base, shed base, hillside erosion, parking pads, retaining walls, and much more. All ground grids come in standard formats, with options including 2”, 4”, and 8” gravel grid systems.

Geo Grids, which are made from geosythentic materials, are engineered to reinforce soil and similar materials as a means to withstand tension and resist erosion. Due to their compatibility with varying aggregates, Vodaland Geo Ground Grids prove useful in many applications, small or large, including but not limited to driveways, walkways, parking pads, horse paddocks, and more. Browse our Geo Grid options to find the perfect solution for you. All backed by our lifetime warranty and FREE shipping!

2 Inch Ground Grid

For slight slopes, gardening erosion control, landscaping, walking paths, and pedestrian areas

9x17 ft section (160 sq ft) - $130 Delivered!

4 Inch Ground Grid

For gravel driveway grid systems, parking pads, horse paddocks, paver bases, landscaping, and more

9x17 ft section (160 sq ft) - $140 Delivered!

8 Inch Ground Grid

For retaining walls, landscaping, and parking spaces, especially those with extreme slope installations

9x17 ft section (160 sq ft) - $185 Delivered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our gravel grids for driveways, pads, bases, landscaping, and any other project you have in mind.

What size gravel should I use?

  • For hillside erosion control - with no foot traffic - any fill can be used.
  • For any type of heavy duty use with shed base, car port etc - we recommend 3/4 crush gravel or larger.
  • For a paver base, we recommend leveling sand or fine crushed gravel.
  • Horse paddocks, walking areas, we recommend 3/4 crushed or larger as well.
  • Retaining walls extreme slope installations - the larger the better!
  • And as always you can reach out to us directly for any other uses you find!

Which geo grid is right for me?

2 Inch Geo Grid 4 Inch Geo Grid 8 Inch Geo Grid


Up to 45% slope erosion control

Retaining walls by stacking grids on another

Light walking path areas

Parking pads or shed base

Extreme heavy duty parking pads

10% Or less slope for gardening / Erosion Control

Horse paddocks or stalls

Horse paddocks or stalls

Mulch or gardening light weight materials

Walking paths with 3/4 crushed gravel or larger.

45% slope and higher for erosion control

How many anchors do I need?

Its recommended with our Geo Ground Grid to utilize two or three of our ten packs PER grid purchased (20 to 30). This is to make sure the grid is fully extended and tight during installation. We also highly recommend our "Starter Pack" which comes with 10 anchors and the anchor tool. Which is inserted into the anchors to hit them into the ground.

How do I install the Geo Ground Grid?

Geo Grid Installation

1. Fully stretch out the geo grid in installation area before anchoring, making sure the size is what you wish it to be.

2. If there is any excess area please trim BUT make sure you keep the geo grid cells fully intact if you are filling them. To trim, use some good solid scissors, or hedge sheers. The geo grid is very easy to cut / trim.

3. Start by anchoring down one of the full length sides. Anchor each cell down strong. You will be using this area to pull and stretch the rest of the grid.

4. Anchor down next side (NOT the opposing side of the grid). Working your way around and fully stretching and anchoring down the entire border of the grid.

5. Once the grid is fully stretched and anchored down (the entire perimeter). Make sure all is tight and firm. This is the KEY POINT in the installation process as you don't want loose sections holding your gravel or grid.

6. The fill ... you can dump and pour directly on the grid. Spreading out as you go along. If you have a long driveway installation, you can dump the first load with bobcat - then immediately drive on it , to continue dumping your fill and spreading it out! Very easy to fill.

7. Overfill - If you wish to overfill your geo grid this is always completely fine. However we recommend only 1 to 2 inches of overfill. And do keep in mind that whatever gravel is over the grid. Its considered loose gravel. And does not fall into the erosion protection of the geo grid cells.

8. Pack and finish - usually just driving on the filled grid will pack it down enough over time. However feel free to hand tamp or roll over if you wish as well!

Project Installed Photos


Geo Grid & Gravel Grid Installation “Near Me”

At Vodaland, we guarantee quality production of all of our engineered solutions, and that means the same for our Geo Grid systems.
If you’re looking for gravel grid systems that are made to last and function at the highest standards of quality, look no further than Vodaland. To receive a quote, or for any questions/comments, contact us today.

Case Studies

December 03, 2018

Paver Base Walkway

We were wanting to do a nice paver walkway. After speaking with Standartpark for several days, they discussed how this could be done utilizing the Geo Ground Grid as a Paver Base, as well as a base for our hot tub. Installation was much more simple than we thought. We cut the grids to make the width that we needed for our walkway and base. Even despite the cut - the strength of the ground grid did not weaken at all. After stretching then anchoring down, we simply filled with gravel and then our pavers on top. Could not recommend the ground grid more for this, and Standartparks reputation for excellent customer service is spot on, the best I have ever came across. Thank you very much.

Mark L. Omaha NE

July 14, 2019

Horse Stall And Paddock

We had a very troublesome issue with soil and erosion around our horse stalls. The mud was just simply causing issues left and right. Although we saw may other alternatives out there. What really led us to Standartpark and their Geo Ground Grid honestly first was the cost. It's about 30% less expensive, and the fact that they took care of shipping , or free shipping rather, it cut costs even more. Installation was a breeze, just filled in the gravel and we have had literally zero issues. More importantly no issues with our stock. Thanks guys

Tiffany I. Louisville KT

September 03, 2019

Retaining Wall

My wife and I must have looked around for 6 months for some sort of not concrete and non expensive permanent solution for a retaining wall we wanted to build. Everything out there was so expensive, like very expensive. So I called in to Standartpark and they walked me through the process. I originally bought just 3 units of the 8 inch geo grid, to try it out. Simple as can be. Now we have a 15 ft retaining wall , and 2 years later is standing just as tall as the day it was put in. Just awesome.

Roman T. Orlando FL