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Some quick answers to very common questions that we receive. As always if you need assistance with anything else, please do reach out.

Q: End Caps - Having some issues with connection to channel.

A: Very common question, with a very simple answer. All of our end caps are what we call universal end caps. Our channels are designed to fit together with a "male" and "female" connection. If you wish to cap the end with male connection - please remove the male "tongue" and the end cap will snap on with ease, just like on the female end. We do recommend utilizing Standarparks professional silicone sealant for a water tight seal from end cap to channel.

Q: My pipe is not connecting to the catch basin, how do I fix this?

A: All of our systems and catch basins are set up to attach to standard PVC and drainage tile sizes. However if you are having fitting issues with the pipe you are using, we recommend utilizing a Fernco Rubber Coupling for a pipe to channel / basin attachment. Simply slide and tighten rubber coupling to your outlet size on the basin, and then attach to your outlet pipe - Standartparks professional silicone sealant is recommended for a water tight seal.

Q: How do I attach the EasyPave units to each other?

A: So easy, you will roll your eyes once you figure it out. Just tuck the circle pads under the wave pattern of the opposing paver and push together and you will hear a click. If needed please contact us at info@standartpark.com for a simple quick video of this process.

Q: What type of fill can I use on the Geo Grid?

A: With our geo grid - its recommended to use a 3/4 crushed gravel or larger if you are doing anything heavy on top of it. Contact us with any other questions regarding your project or fill.

Q: How do I attach your trench drains together?

A: Our trench drains systems have a very nice "forgiving" initial connection. This allows for a gradual turn if you need one. If not, then you simply slide the tongue and groove connection together, seal the connection with Standartparks professional sealant and let set for an hour or so... thats it!

Q: Trying to find the perfect system for my project.

A: So we have MANY outlets for help, and they are ALL instant. First we have our chat system right here on the website, 24/7 customer service. Then we have our super quick email assistance at info@standartpark.com

We reply to emails usually within the hour if they are sent during normal work times.

Also you can always call us and actually speak to a real person! 314-717-1551.

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