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Enhance your landscaping, gardening, and drainage projects with Vodaland's versatile geotextile fabrics. These non-woven fabrics are engineered to achieve optimal soil separation, weed control, and water permeation, making them an essential for your landscaping projects.

Discover the Versatility of Non-Woven Geotextile Fabric

Our carefully-crafted collection of non-woven monofilament geotextiles is designed to elevate your landscaping and soil retention projects. These innovative materials provide numerous benefits that can significantly improve the effectiveness of your outdoor ventures. 

Geo Fabric for Drainage

Our non-woven geotextiles serve as excellent complements to your drainage systems. They act as filter fabrics, facilitating the efficient permeation of water while preventing soil erosion. They are particularly useful in areas where proper water flow is required to maintain the integrity of the landscape.

Geo Textiles for Reliable Weed Control

Say goodbye to stubborn weeds that can compromise the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Our geo fabric material acts as a dependable weed barrier, ensuring your landscape remains free from unwanted growth.

Enhanced Soil Separation

Our geo fabric sheet products help you create distinct layers within your projects. They prevent the mixing of different soil types and ensure that each layer retains its unique properties. In doing so, they enhance soil retention and improve ground stabilization.

Geo Fabric for Driveways - Proper Installation Made Easy

Whether you need geo fabric for driveways, walk paths, or other areas, our options are user-friendly and easy to work with, making your landscaping and gardening tasks more efficient. 

  • FAQs

Q. - What size are the Geotextiles?

A. Our textiles are non-woven, and they are available in rolls measuring 5.3 ft x 330 ft (1,750 sq ft).

Q. - How thick are they?

A. Our geotextiles come in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz options

Choose Vodaland for Cutting-Edge Geo Textiles

Realize the full potential of your outdoor projects with Vodaland's selection of non-woven geotextile fabrics. Offering different fabric weight options, including 4oz and 8oz, each black geo fabric roll is tailored to offer distinct advantages for your projects, providing efficient drainage, weed control, soil separation, and erosion control. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions about any of our non-woven products. In addition to our geotextile fabrics, we also carry a wide range of different materials and solutions for all your landscaping and drainage needs, including trench drains, manhole covers, oil/water separators, and more. We are here to meet your landscaping and drainage needs with high-quality solutions.