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Vodaland offers a comprehensive range of trench drain and channel drain systems that includes various models, materials and sizes so that you can find the right drainage solution for your needs. Trench drains and channel drain systems ensure stable surfaces, prevent erosion, and efficiently direct water runoff. 

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Browse through our expansive inventory of trough and trench drains to find the perfect match for you. With dozens of selections and packages to choose from, Vodaland brings expert craftsmanship to each and every product. Shop ADA compliant options and others, such as standard, twin slot, B class, pre slope, microslot, linear trench drains, driveway trench drains, and more.

Q. - What end cap do I get for the system I ordered? 

A. The specific end cap you need depends on the depth of your channel. We recommend thoroughly reviewing the title and description of each end cap to ensure it matches your requirements. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q. - I want to hook up a 4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe, but your end caps are set up for drain pipe, can i still do this? 

A. Yes absolutely. All you need is one of our schedule 40 PVC adapters for that, we have them both for 3 inch PVC and 4 inch PVC.

Q. Do I need installation brackets? 

A. Installation brackets are a valuable addition to your trench drain system. They ensure that the surface remains level and prevent any movement of the channels while pouring.

A Closer Look at Trench Drains

Trench drains, also known as channel drains, are linear drainage systems designed to collect and channel surface water. They consist of an elongated trench or channel with a grating or drain cover on top. This design allows them to efficiently capture and direct water to a designated outlet.

Benefits of Trench Drains

  1. Storm Water Runoff Management: Trench drains are instrumental in stormwater management. They effectively collect rainwater and prevent it from pooling on surfaces, reducing the risk of flooding and water damage. 
  2. Erosion Prevention: By guiding water away from surfaces, a trench drain system can help prevent soil erosion, preserving the integrity of landscapes and structural foundations.
  3. Safe and Stable Surfaces: In areas where slip hazards are a concern, a trench drainage system can enhance safety. They keep surfaces dry and minimize the risk of accidents.
  4. Versatility: Trench drains come in various materials such as stainless steel, plastic, ductile iron, and fiber-reinforced concrete. This versatility makes them suitable for diverse applications, from patios and pool decks to industrial settings.
  5. Low Maintenance: Trench drains are designed for easy maintenance. With removable grates and simple cleaning, they ensure ongoing functionality.

Channel Drains for Various Applications

We offer trench drain solutions for various applications:

Garage Trench Drains

In high-traffic areas like garages, durable and robust trench drains are essential. Opt for options made of stainless steel or ductile iron for heavier vehicle traffic, ensuring both strength and longevity.

Channel Drains for Patios

For residential patio drain channel applications, consider plastic drain channels. These lightweight yet resilient options efficiently manage water runoff and are cost-effective for residential projects.

Pool Deck Channel Drain

The poolside environment demands both functionality and aesthetics. Stainless steel trench drains provide the strength required to handle water runoff from the pool deck while offering a sleek appearance that complements swimming pools.

Stainless Steel Trench Drains

In applications where durability and aesthetics are important, stainless steel trench drains are the ideal choice. Their strength and sleek appearance make them suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Galvanized Stamped Steel

Galvanized steel channels are a practical choice for areas needing strength and rust resistance. Metal trench drains are ideal for commercial applications and heavy-duty use.

Plastic Trench Drainage

Plastic drainage channels provide a cost-effective drainage solution for various applications. Their lightweight and durable construction makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Polymer Concrete Channels

When you need a material that's as strong as traditional concrete but with added resistance to corrosion and extreme conditions, polymer concrete channel drains are the solution. They are suitable for various environments, including industrial settings and areas with exposure to harsh elements.

Vodaland - Your Source for Effective Drainage Systems

At Vodaland, we are more than just a supplier; we are your partners in creating efficient drainage solutions. Our offerings encompass an extensive selection of trench drain and channel drain systems, including pre-sloped trench drains, oil/water separators, and comprehensive guidance on how to dig a trench drain for drainage. Contact us today if you need help finding the right products for your needs

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