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4" GeoCell

4" GeoCell

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Specifications and Downloads

Specifications and Downloads

4" GeoCell

The 4” GeoCell by Vodaland is the perfect solution for all sorts of projects. With strong and durable ground stabilization cell technology, you can use this 4'' GeoCell system for parking spaces, driveways, landscaping, erosion control, and anything that needs to withstand heavy loads or foot traffic. 

Made from polyethylene material (which lasts the test of time), the 4” GeoCell will hold any type of aggregate or filling you desire to fill it with. Order yours today and experience the Vodaland difference

4" GeoCell - Specifications 

Here is a spec overview of our 4" GeoCell:

  • Used for parking paths, driveways, landscaping, pedestrian areas, and erosion control
  • 9x17 ft sections - 160 sq ft each
  • Gravel for driving installations (3/4 or larger gravel)
  • Grass / soil for all erosion installations
  • Geo Grid pavers available for ease of installation
  • 100% Permeable System
  • Go to our pick your project page for past projects

For more product information please see product description above

Specification Sheet
Installation Guide
CSI Document
No Load Class - Grass Installation Cross Section
A-C Load Class - Paver Installation Cross Section
A-C Load Class - Gravel Installation Cross Section

Product Description

Product Description

The 4" GeoCell - A Durable and Versatile Terrain Solution

The 4" GeoCell by Vodaland offers a powerful solution to combat the challenges of heavy or repetitive traffic on flat areas. With durable modified polyethylene coverage, these GeoCells excel in load support and ground reinforcement. They are capable of withstanding immense pressure and maintaining stability, making them perfect for various applications.

Enhanced Stability

The GeoCell serves as a robust foundation for your project, providing exceptional stability and preventing ground movement or erosion. Its dense structure and perforated design allow for easy installation and efficient water drainage, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting terrain solution.

Customizable Options

With Vodaland's GeoCell, you have the flexibility to choose either soil or compacting gravel as the filling material. This enables you to tailor the ground reinforcement to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and maximum efficiency. You can rely on our quality management system to deliver consistent and reliable products that meet your project requirements.


  • Article ............... 8710
  • Material ............ Modified Polyethylene
  • Coverage ......... 160 SQ FT
  • Dimensions ...... 9FT x 17FT

** Please note, to be able to drive on this system, it must be filled with 3/4 inch gravel or larger**

Trust Vodaland for Superior Terrain Solutions

At Vodaland, we take pride in offering innovative terrain solutions that transform your outdoor spaces into functional and visually stunning areas. With our GeoCell, you can achieve exceptional load support and stability, even in the most demanding environments. Trust our expertise and rely on our high-quality products to elevate your terrain projects.

With our comprehensive range of terrain solutions, including the Geo Ground Grid System and our various accessories for GeoCell, we are your trusted partner for all your terrain needs.

Installation videos

Installation videos

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