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EasyPave PRO - Heavy Duty Paver System

EasyPave PRO - Heavy Duty Paver System

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  • Specifications and Downloads
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Specifications and Downloads

Specifications and Downloads

#1 Rated Permeable Paving System on the Market!

  • 2" Paver for all heavy duty installations
  • Used for driveways, parking pads, shed base, and paver base
  • 120,000 lb load class, ADA and UV compliant
  • Anchors available for slope or incline installation
  • Snap and TRUE LOCK connection on all four sides of the grid
  • Can be cut to custom curve or around objects
  • #1 Rated paving system on the market
  • WORLDS STRONGEST Permeable Paver
  • Go to our pick your project page for past projects

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  • easypave pro specification pdf
  • easypave pro specification cad
  • Installation Brochure

Product Description

Product Description

Introducing Vodaland’s EasyPave PRO Heavy Duty Paver System.  The WORLDS strongest permeable paver on the market! 

  • Greater Height - Taller means more material can fill, which means more strength, and no erosion of materials going everywhere. 

  • "S" turn grid design - We designed our EasyPave PRO with wave type designs that narrow at the edges. This allows for more strength, meaning ultra heavy loads such as plow trucks, semi trucks, and even tanks can go over this.  

  • Snap and "TRUE LOCK" Connection  - This system will NOT ever disconnect after proper installation, thats right! With our new TRUE LOCK system, the connections have a safety fastened lock, meaning once installed it is done. This can be removed with pliers if needed. 

  • Anchor System (optional) - Our EasyPave PRO system comes with the ability to use installation anchors. No other paving system comes with these. This will not only hold your grid in place, but makes the reliability far superior, as it literally becomes "one with the ground". 

  • Air and Permeability - Most paving systems have a very tight ship when it comes to permeability. As you can see, grass and erosions issues will simply not happen with Vodaland's EasyPave PRO. Water penetrates directly through the bottom without hitting a stop. If you want to plant grass, no problem! It grows through our systems just fine!

  • Cost! - You can price out all the competition with our EasyPave Grass Driveway Grid. But we guarantee you will not find the height, load class, design, and ease of installation at a less expensive price! Also remember .... FREE SHIPPING on all orders $999 and up!

We do recommend ordering 10-15% in average of your project, as the dimensions of the grid and your installation might not be exact. And as always, we do have free returns if you have some left over! 

Contact Vodaland today for any questions regarding our Grass Driveway Grids, or to receive a quote

Article Number.........8103-BK

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