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Professional Silicone / Polymer Channel Sealant

Professional Silicone / Polymer Channel Sealant

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  • Specifications and Downloads
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Specifications and Downloads

Specifications and Downloads

Professional Polymer Channel Sealant - Superior Bonding for Secure Connections

Introducing Vodaland's Professional Silicone Polymer Channel Sealant—a powerful industrial-grade solution for watertight connections. This versatile sealant ensures secure bonding in various applications, from concrete channels to pipe connections. Experience the ease of application and long-lasting results for both residential and commercial projects.

Specifications and Downloads

The specifications for our Professional Silicone Polymer Channel Sealant are the following:

  • Perfect for all channel to channel connections
  • Works with our plastic, stainless, and concrete channels
  • Industrial grade and super fast bonding
  • Water tight for all pipe connections
  • Fitted with tube and cap
  • Temperature rated from -4ºF to 122ºF

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Sealant MSDS Sheet

Product Description

Product Description

Professional Silicone Polymer Channel Sealant: A Watertight Solution for Secure Connections

Discover the unbeatable performance of Vodaland's Professional Silicone Polymer Channel Sealant, designed to provide a secure and watertight bond in a variety of applications. This industrial-grade sealant is based on MS polymer, ensuring super-fast bonding for reliable connections that prevent leaks and stand up to challenging environments.

Water-Tight Sealing Capacity

Our Professional Silicone Polymer Channel Sealant boasts an industrial-grade composition, guaranteeing super-fast bonding for all of our channel to channel connections, including concrete channels. It creates a watertight seal, ensuring the proper functioning of your channels, even under demanding conditions.

Versatile Usage

This sealant is your go-to solution for various applications, from connecting channel drains and sealing end caps to joining pipes. Its dependable performance makes it suitable for both residential and commercial projects, providing a reliable seal in any environment.

Easy Application and Long-lasting Results

Applying the sealant is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly tube and fitted cap. You'll save time and effort during installations, making it a cost-effective choice. A little goes a long way, as the sealant's strong bonding capabilities ensure a durable connection.

Polymer Channel Sealant - Sealing and Securing Your Drainage System

From channel drain connections to sealing pipes, our Professional Silicone Polymer Channel Sealant is a top-tier choice for various applications. Its industrial-grade composition and user-friendly application process make it suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Rely on Vodaland's sealants to provide the reliability and performance your projects demand. Safeguard your concrete channels and other installations with this exceptional, watertight sealant, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure connections.

Temperature rated from -4ºF to 122ºF

Article Number............GSP280-C


- Channel connections (all of our channels)

- End Cap Connections

- Pipe Connections

- Water Proof Sealing 

CHANNEL / TUBE Conversions 

4"   Channels - 1 Tube = 10 Channels 

6"   Channels - 1 Tube =  7 Channels

8"   Channels - 1 Tube =  5 Channels

12" Channels - 1 Tube =  3 Channels

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