Vodaland Drain

Concrete Catch Basins

Our concrete and polymer concrete pre cast catch basins all come with included sediment basket within the system, fitted grating, and multiple outlet cut out options on the basin itself. Sand trap options for narrow basin spaces, and multiple level options as well. Making our concrete basins perfect for whichever installation you choose. 

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Q. How deep are these basins?

Our concrete basins come in all sorts of depths and sizes, please visit the product pages to see exact specifications.

Q. What pipe can I attach to your basin?

Our basins are set up to accept standard drainage tile piping. PVC and ABS , Corrugated piping can also attach with your cut in the basin. No problem at all. All pre cut holes are formed, the basins come completely intact and ready to cut for your outlet.

Q. Are they in stock?

Our website will clearly state if an item is not in stock. If you can add to cart, that means we have it. And we always make sure to keep more than enough catch basins in stock for all of our customers.