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Discover our GeoCell collection, your ultimate solution for erosion control and ground stabilization. Whether you're enhancing your home's outdoor spaces or tackling challenging terrain at a farm or stable, our GeoCells are versatile and durable solutions for various applications.

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Q. Can these be cut?

Yes, absolutely. The GeoCell is very simple to cut. A good pair of scissors or snips will do the trick. Just make sure to leave the cells of the grid intact to hold your fill or aggregate.

Q. Can you attach multiple together? How?

Yes. The best way is to pass zip ties through the erosion holes.

Q. How many anchors do I need per unit?

We recommend using our J Hooks. Our ground grids generally require 30 anchors per unit. These are installed around the perimeter of the grid, keeping it tight during your installation. They are perfect for it, and will work with soft and hard ground.

Q. Can I go around corners or bend the GeoCell?

A. Yes, of course. They are very flexible in all directions and can bend around corners. Just make sure the area you are filling in is pulled nice and tight for your fill.