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Modern Permeable Pavers

Our 4 inch channel accessories are for use with any of our 4 inch internal channel packages. All end caps, adapters, and outlets will work with our systems that you find here at Standartpark. Please contact us via our online chat service if you have any questions at all.

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Vodaland is your #1 source for modern permeable pavers and accessories. Browse our expanding line of products and grid selections that include EasyPave and HEXpave permeable concrete pavers, as well as anchors and other parts. Perfect for patios, pads, shed bases, walking paths, and more, our modern permeable pavers turn any space into a fully functional utility grid able to withstand tremendous amounts of weight and provide structural support when needed most.

As the #1 rated permeable paving system on the market, the EasyPave gravel grid system boasts 2 inch thickness and the ability to withstand weights up to 88,000 lbs. This “S” turn grid design allows for added strength and permeability, while the slide and lock installation functionality keeps the grid in place. 

Other permeable pavers for sale include the HEXpave grid system, with 1 inch in height, and the ability to withstand loads up to 27,000 lbs. The HEXpave design is extremely unique to others, utilizing grip and hold technology to prevent slipping and traction issues, especially on slopes or inclines. With the snap and true lock, as well as an optional anchor system, the HEXpave grid system boasts functionality unique to its kind. 

Vodaland is your go-to source to buy permeable pavers and accessories. With 20 years of professional experience, including master innovation in the field of engineering solutions, Vodaland seeks to revolutionize terrain development.   

For more information regarding our permeable pavers for sale, or any questions regarding our other products or services, contact Vodaland today. For project estimates, call or fill out our online form!

Vodaland offers many different accessories that make your project 100% customizable for your installation type. From our EasyRamp for entrance access, to our EasySpots to outline and mark your area. We got it all covered.

Want to see what others installed? We are sure what you want to accomplish can be found on our site. Just click HERE to go to our "Pick Your Project" selection page!

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