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Plastic Landscape Edging

Our plastic landscape edgings are state of the art, best pricing on the market and come with UV protection unlike any other. We offer the standard 4" height sections which are the highest rated online. As well, we are proud to introduct our new No Dig Landscape Edging. As always if you have any questions please reach out without hesitation.

  • FAQ's

Q. - What are the edgings made of?

A. Our edging systems are made of the highest quality HDPE. This helps our sytems withstand the UV rays no matter the geo location.

Q. - What type of accessories do I need for the edging systems?

A. Our No Dig edging system comes with 8 anchors as wellas 1 connector. Meaning no accessories are needed. Our Premium Garden Edging does not require anchors, but we do offer them.

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