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Aluminum Edging System

Aluminum Edging System

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  • Specifications and Downloads
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Specifications and Downloads

Specifications and Downloads

Top-Quality Aluminum Landscape Edging

Our aluminum garden edging system is a durable solution designed to define boundaries in your outdoor spaces. Made from environmentally friendly aluminum, it resists corrosion and rust, creating neatly organized and long-lasting beauty landscape structures. Flexible for customized shaping, it's a practical solution for maintaining neat, organized garden and lawn edges.

Aluminum Edging Specifications

Here is a quick listing of the specifications and advantages our aluminum lawn edging provides:

  • Seamless connection end to end 
  • Corrosion and Rust resistant for your installation
  • Comes with 3 installation nails per unit
  • 3 foot aluminum units
  • Perfect for use with our geo grid, Hexpave, and Easypave
  • Simple to install around curves
  • Adds structural integrity to all installations
  • Made with highest grade aluminum
  • Edging Specification Sheet pdf
  • Installation Brochure
  • Edging Specification Sheet 2" cad
  • Edging Specification Sheet 4" cad
  • Edging Specification Sheet 8" cad

Product Description

Product Description

The Best Aluminum Edging for Landscaping

Our aluminum garden border edging system is the ultimate solution for achieving precise and elegant boundaries in your outdoor spaces.

Enhanced Durability and Style

Unlike other traditional materials, aluminum edging for landscaping does not rust or corrode, making it an environmentally friendly choice for conscious homeowners; this border edging system can withstand the elements, while maintaining its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. 

Versatility in Design

Whether you're framing pathways, defining garden beds, or edging your lawn, this system's flexibility allows for creative applications. It bends to fit the shape you need, making it ideal for both straight lines and graceful curves.

Easy Installation for Lasting Results

One of the most beneficial features of our aluminum landscape edging is its ease of installation. Each unit, complete with installation nails, simplifies the process for quick and secure placement. This means less time installing and more time enjoying your beautifully defined spaces.

Compatibility with Vodaland Systems

Our aluminum lawn and grass edging system integrates with our Geo Ground Grid, HexPave Grid, or EasyPave Grid. Its compatibility with these systems allows you to create comprehensive solutions for your landscaping needs.

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces With Vodaland

With a product selection that includes aluminum grass edging, stainless steel edging, galvanized steel edging, and our no dig landscape edging, we have everything you need to transform your outdoor spaces. Our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and durable design will help you bring your landscaping vision to life.

Article Number..........2" Depth ALED-50

                                    4" Depth ALED-100

                                    8" Depth ALED-200

Installation videos

Installation videos

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