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10" Polymer Concrete Pre Slope Channel 1% Slope

10" Polymer Concrete Pre Slope Channel 1% Slope

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Specifications and Downloads

Specifications and Downloads

Elevate Your Drainage System with the 10" Polymer Concrete Pre-Slope Channel

Upgrade your trench drain system with Vodaland's 10" Polymer Concrete Pre-Slope Channel. Experience efficient water drainage, durable construction, and easy installation. Enhance your project with our high-quality solution. Order now and elevate your drainage capabilities.

10" Polymer Concrete Pre-Slope Channel Specifications and Downloads

The specifications for the 10" Polymer Concrete Pre-Slope Channel are the following:

  • 10" Internal - 12" External 1% Pre Slope Trench System
  • D Class Rated For Heavy Duty Loads
  • Comes with channel, grating and installation brackets (Product Details Below)
  • Price per system decreases with channel length.
Installation Mounting Bracket

Product Description

Product Description

NOTE* - Pricing of systems decreases with linear length.

10" Polymer Concrete Pre-Slope Channel: An Efficient and Durable Trench Drain System

Looking for a reliable solution for your trench drain system? Look no further than our 10" Internal Polymer Concrete channels. This high-quality drainage system is designed for efficient concrete installation and offers exceptional performance.

Superior Construction and Heavy-Duty Load Capacity

Our 10" internal Polymer Concrete channel comes equipped with a bolted down (removable) cast iron grating. The D class grating system, which is engineered to withstand heavy loads up to 88,000 LBS, ensures the channel is suitable for a variety of demanding applications.

Fast Water Drainage and Temperature Resistance

With a built-in 1% internal slope and a "V" convex bottom, this channel ensures fast and effective water drainage. The polymer concrete material can withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for various climates and environments. Its galvanized stamped steel edge also provides added strength and reinforcement.

A Comprehensive Package and Convenient Shipping

 If you require a bottom outlet connection, simply specify it in the "notes" section during checkout. Our concrete rebar installation brackets are also provided to help you level off your system effortlessly. When you order this channel, you'll benefit from free shipping on a pallet, making it convenient to receive the product directly at your job site.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of Vodaland trench drain systems with our 10" Polymer Concrete Pre-Slope Channel. Place your order today and enjoy quick shipping and a high-quality product that meets your specifications.

If you have any questions regarding our polymer concrete channels, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Article ...................... 76071

Material ................... Polymer Concrete / Ductile Cast Iron 

Dimensions ............. 39.4" L x 12" W x Height will vary on slope

Weight .................... 110 - 175 LBS

Load Class .............. D Class - 88,000 LBS


Number of Channels needed for length

- Number of rebar installation brackets needed for length (1 per system ordered)

If any requests are to be made, please contact us directly, or specify in notes during checkout, we are here to completely accommodate you.


Installation videos

Installation videos

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