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Manhole Cover - Black Logo Design

Manhole Cover - Black Logo Design

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  • Specifications and Downloads
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Specifications and Downloads

Specifications and Downloads

Manhole Covers With Logo for Busy Urban Environments

At Vodaland, we take great pride in our high-quality manhole covers. We design them to provide secure access to underground infrastructure in urban environments. Made from a composite material of PPE plastic and steel reinforcements, our manhole covers are B class road rated and come with a bolted lock mechanism and steel bar reinforcements inside for added security. Order yours today! 

Specifications and Downloads

Here is a quick listings of the specifications and benefits of our manhole covers with custom logo:

  • PPE Plastic with steel reinforced bars
  • B Class - 27,500 lb load rating - Vehicle load rated
  • Bolt down installation holes on entire perimeter
  • Bolt down locking lid - hinged for removal if needed

For more product information please see product description above

  • manhole specification pdf
  • manhole specification cad

Product Description

Product Description

High-Quality Manhole Covers: Secure and Reliable Access to Urban Infrastructure

Here at Vodaland, we produce high-quality manhole covers that are made from a composite PPE plastic material and steel reinforcements, ensuring durability and long-lasting access to your space. These manhole covers are B class road rated, meaning that they can handle a weight capacity of up to 27,500 lbs. This makes them ideal for use in areas with pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

These manhole covers have a bolted lock mechanism that ensures they remain securely in place and are not easily accessible to unauthorized personnel. They also feature steel bar reinforcements inside that can be removed when needed to provide access to underground spaces.

Optimized for Urban Environments

Our manhole covers with Vodaland logo cover art are available in a variety of colors to match your surrounding area, making them blend seamlessly into the city landscape. This ensures that they not only provide and protect access but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area.

The standard weight of these manhole covers is 25 lbs, making them lightweight and easy to handle. Vodaland is the only company that produces manhole covers of this kind, which makes them a top seller in the market.

Our manhole covers are an ideal solution for urban environments, providing secure and reliable access to underground infrastructure while also meeting the needs of a busy city. Unlike many manhole covers made primarily of plastic, our manhole covers are built to last and withstand the wear and tear of urban environments with their sturdy construction, bolted lock mechanism, and steel reinforcements. Our team is prepared to answer any questions you may have.


Article ...................................35288-207

Material ................................ PPE Plastic / Steel

Dimensions .......................... 31.5" Diameter (external) 24" (Internal)  x 3 1/4" H

Weight .................................. 25 LBS

Load Class ........................... B - 27,500 LBS

Installation videos

Installation videos

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