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Stainless Steel Pre Slope Channel System 8 Inch

Stainless Steel Pre Slope Channel System 8 Inch

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  • Specifications and Downloads
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Specifications and Downloads

Specifications and Downloads

  • 8" internal 100% stainless steel pre slope trench drain system
  • Composed of highest grade 316 stainless steel
  • Reversible ADA gratings for anti-slip option on entire system
  • Comes with channel, grates, and end caps
  • Chemical, acid, and corrosion resistant
  • Equipped with leveling rebar brackets already on the system
  • V-Convex bottom enables faster water movement
  • Perfect for kitchens, plants, wineries, and sanitary locations
  • C Class load rated for heavy duty load
  • Can be used with our 100% Stainless steel inline basin
  • More product details below
  • channel specification pdf
  • grating specification pdf
  • channel specification cad
  • Flow Rates

Product Description

Product Description

100% Stainless Steel Pre Sloped Channel System. This system is fully customizable for your outlet / inlet needs and always in stock. 8" Internal width, a reversible grating (one side is a non slip pattern, the other side is a mesh ADA pattern). These are a C class system which also is acceptable to heavy loads such as forklifts, and narrow tires. Made with highest grade 304 Stainless Steel. All units are 1% Pre slope per your linear run choice. Any slope length can be used in accordance with our inline 100% Stainless Steel Basin as well! The system bolts together for a water tight connection. We also suggest utilizing our Professional Channel Sealant as well. These are top of the line, at a fraction of the price as all others.

Perfect for kitchen, sanitary plants, food plants, wineries, and much more! 

Free shipping on all units. As always if you have any additional questions. Feel free to contact us. 


Article ...................... 9924 (Channel) 990428 (GRATE - Reversible) 

Material ................... 100% Stainless steel (SS bolts also) 

Dimensions ............. 8" (ID) - 10 1/4" (OD) Depth Varies as per pre slope length

Weight .................... 30 LBS each unit with grating

Load Class .............. C Class - 55,000 LBS


1 - Number of Channels needed for length

- 100% Stainless Steel Bolts and fasteners for connections

3 - 2 End Caps - low end cap with 4" outlet , unless specified in checkout.

4 - 2 Units per channel of reversible grating (100% Stainless steel - one side is anti-slip , other side is mesh pattern as per specification sheets below)

** if any requests are to be made, please contact us directly, or specify in notes during checkout, we are here to completely accommodate you**

Installation videos

Installation videos

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