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Manhole Cover Collection

Our manhole covers and access covers provide discreet access to essential underground utilities, all while maintaining the aesthetics of your residential or commercial spaces. Explore our manhole cover collection to find the size, material and style that meets your project’s needs.

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Q. Can plastic manhole covers be driven on?

Yes, our plastic access covers have a B-Load Class which is suitable for residential vehicles. Our metal covers can withstand even heavier applications.

Q. Can you fill your access covers with anything?

Yes, these access covers can be filled with any aggregate you need to create the discrete look you want.

Q. Do you have models with openings in the top for water to pass through?

No, our covers are all meant to be sealed.

Manhole Covers and Access Covers to Choose From

Vodaland is proud to offer a diverse selection of manhole covers to accommodate your various needs. Our collection includes:

Plastic Manhole Covers

Within the category of plastic manhole covers, we have two high-quality solutions:

  • Round Manhole Cover: Our round covers are engineered to deliver a robust solution for accessing underground utility connections and monitoring equipment. Crafted from durable plastic material, a round manhole cover provides a lightweight yet sturdy option for a wide range of projects. Their circular opening ensures ease of use and quick access.
  • Square Manhole Cover: These sewer lid covers offer the same benefits as their round cover counterparts but are designed to accommodate specific spaces and applications where square covers are more suitable.

Cast Iron Manhole Covers

Our cast iron manhole frames and covers are designed for heavy-duty applications. Ductile iron is incredibly durable, which is why they are the ideal choice for areas with substantial traffic.With their D class rating (88,000 lb load), they can be used in areas subject to heavy vehicle loads. 

Fillable Access Covers

Our fillable access covers, made from galvanized steel, are perfect for keeping utilities and underground connections accessible, and can be filled with various materials, such as concrete, tile, wood, or soil, to match its surrounding area. They provide a discreet and integrated solution for maintaining optimal functionality without compromising the overall appearance of your flooring or patio.

Experience the Vodaland Difference

At Vodaland USA, our manhole covers, manhole frames and storm drain grating solutions are engineered to exacting specifications, and we carry a large range of materials and styles to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. 

From plastic maintenance hole cover options to heavy-duty cast iron covers, we offer an array of solutions to ensure efficient access to underground utilities without sacrificing the look of your space. 

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