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Galvanized Steel Micro Slot System

Galvanized Steel Micro Slot System

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  • Specifications and Downloads
  • Product Description
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Specifications and Downloads

Specifications and Downloads

  • 4" Internal width micro slot drain system 
  • 5/8" opening with multiple channel depth options
  • 1" Height of slot grate from the channel
  • Excellent for paver, tile, and concrete pours 
  • Perfect for driveways, pools, patios and heavy traffic areas
  • ADA / Heel proof cap available as addition for debris protection
  • #1 Rated Slot Drain system on the market
  • Perfect for high water volume with little surface area coverage
  • For our Pre Slope Packages, all end caps have a 4" outlet
  • More product details below
  • Pre Slope Specification PDF
  • Grating Specification pdf
  • grating specification cad
  • 2 inch channel depth pdf
  • 2 inch channel depth cad
  • 3 inch channel depth pdf
  • 3 inch channel depth cad
  • 4 inch channel depth pdf
  • 4 inch channel depth cad
  • 6 inch channel depth pdf
  • 6 inch channel depth cad
  • 8 inch channel depth pdf
  • 8 inch channel depth cad
  • installation brochure

Product Description

Product Description

Our micro slot drains are one of a kind. Each unit is 3.3 feet in length.  Heavy duty galvanized stamped steel slot grate rests upon the 4" channel depth of your choice or our NEW pre slope packages.   Connecting to each other with a tongue and groove connection no matter the channel depth.... The slot grate has an opening of 5/8 inch and widens towards the channel. This is a patent feature that allows debris to pass through the slot and not be stuck. Perfect for pools, porches, and any situation where grating is not necessary. Below are specifications. 

With our new Pre Slope system you can create a run up to 33 ft in length with a 1% slope. With a 4" outlet on the end no matter the channel run length. 

Neutral Channels;

The 2", 3", 4", 6", and 8" Depth channels have bottom outlet option available with 4" Pipe connection.

Each of these systems will also have end cap outlet options available as well.

The 2", 6", and 8" Depth option will use a 4" end cap outlet pipe, while the 3" and 4" Depth option will use a 3" end cap outlet pipe.


Channel Length - 3.3 Feet (39 inches)

Material ............. PPE Plastic / Micro Galvanized Stamped Steel 

Load Class ....... Heavy Duty Load 

Article Number ....... 2017-1T-25


- Channel Depth of choice

1 - Heavy Duty Galvanized Micro Stamped Steel Grating

2 - End Caps (Per Order) - Additional end caps at checkout.

For Slope Channels - packages include 2 end caps per order, one closed and one with 4" outlet. 

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