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Stainless Steel Pre Slope Systems

Our 100% Stainless Steel Pre Slope Systems are the best pricing, and the highest grade on the market. Made of 316 highest grade stainless steel, they are resistant to acids, corrosion, chemicals and much more. Making them perfect for your industrial and commercial kitchens, animal plants, wineries, or any place where destructive chemicals and sanitary needs are a must. The internal slope 1% on all of our systems with a “V” convex bottom for fast water movement. The gratings are fitted with a reversible pattern. One side is a non slip groove option for safety. The other side is a smooth mesh patter for normal working conditions. All are C Class load rated as well for heavy duty traffic.

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Q. How do the channels connect?

The systems have a bolt and lock end to end connection (all hardware is 100% included in the packages). We also recommend our polymer sealant in between the connections as well for a nice long lasting seal.

Q. How long is each channel?

Each channel is 3.3 ft in length (1 meter) and are designed to connect end to end for a longer run. Or as long as you wish!

Q. What if I need longer run?

Simple, give us a call for a custom quote. Its always in stock, and we will make sure to give you the exact length that you need.

Q. Do you have an installation video?

Yes absolutely, we have installation videos on each and every product page for our pre slope systems. Just open that product page and click the video link. They are excellent.

Q. How do I know how to line these up?

We do this for you actually, we hand number each channel when it arrives to you. Lets say you have a 60 ft run (20 channels) , we will number them #1 through #30, so you know exactly how they line up together and no measuring head ache.

Q. Where can I order these?

Not a silly question, but we are the only company in the market to see high end pre slope systems directly online! Just add to cart, and check out, they will arrive in 3-5 business days!

Q. Do you have Auto CAD files for these channels?

A. Yes absolutely, they are on the download list on the product pages.

4” System - 409 Gallons Per Min

6” System - 640 Gallons Per Min

Our inline basins are highly recommended for each system. They provide a direct inline connection. Featured with a sediment trap and our patent hydro seal trap to make sure that gas and oder does not come through the system at all. Think of it as a built in P trap. The grating is removable and features a 4 inch bottom outlet for your water / chemicals to exit. Its a perfect ending solution to your pre slope stainless run. In addition you can slope two sides of a system directly into the basin on both sides.

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