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Our steel flooring options come with walking ADA options, heavy duty gratings, trench drains and storm water. Any situation where a water / walking installation needs a solution. We can make custom size gratings for large bulk orders only. From ADA to HEEL proof we can make sure to create the exact system that you are in need. Please contact us with any and all questions.

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Q. What load class can be created?

We can create gratings from A to E load class. We do want to state however we only do this for very large bulk orders. We can not create 1 or 5 gratings per job. Lots of work goes into designing and manufacturing custom gratings, so only for large orders. You can contact us with questions on that.

Q. I need an ADA grating, can you help?

Yes of course. All of our standard Steel Flooring grates are accustom to being ADA compliant with ASME regulations.

Q. Do you have them in stock?

A. If you can add to cart on our site, then they are in stock. We pride ourselves in being fully stocked with all items , this is what sets us apart and allows you to receive them in a timely manner.

Load Classes

Our load classes are derived from A to E on our steel flooring.

A Class - 3,300 lbs - for pedestrian use only

B Class - 27,500 lbs - Medium duty traffic and cars. Light trucks and speeds less that 30 mph.

C Class - 55,000 lbs - Heavy duty traffic, forklifts, buses and garages.

D Class - 88,000 lbs - Heavy duty hard tire forklifts, trucks, gas stations, industrial areas

E Class - 132,000 lbs - General dock and aircraft installations.

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