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Easy System Basins - 10x10 Catch Basin & Easy Round Catch Basin Options

Discover our Easy System Basins - the perfect solution for your drainage needs! With two different designs to choose from, the 10x10 square basin and the Easy Round basin, you can choose the one that best suits your design preferences. Both options come with debris baskets to prevent clogging, as well as plastic or cast iron top grating for added durability. The 10 x 10 basin even has multiple outlet size options to ensure maximum compatibility with your drainage system. And the best part? Both basin options easily connect to the EasyHome System, making installation a breeze.

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Q. How deep are these basins?

Our 10x10 basin is 10 inches in depth, our Easy Round basin is 12 inches in depth. All viewable on the specification sheets on the product pages.

Q. What pipe can I attach to your basin?

Our basins are set up to accept standard drainage tile piping. PVC and ABS , Corrugated piping can also attach with your cut in the basin. No problem at all.

Q. Are they in stock?

Our website will clearly state if an item is not in stock. If you can add to cart, that means we have it. And we always make sure to keep more then enough catch basins in stock for all of our customers.

Q. What are the basins made of?

A. Our basins are made with 100% recycled PPE plastic, and the grating option that you choose. If you are wanting to drive over these, please make sure you enclosed in concrete (see our installation videos for that) or you can get one of our concrete catch basins to make sure it will handle your load.

Easy System Basins - Effective Drainage and Effortless Debris Collection

Looking for an efficient and easy-to-install solution for your drainage needs? Look no further than our Easy System Basins. Our collection of basins includes the square 10x10 model and the Easy Round basin, both of which come with debris baskets and your choice of plastic or cast iron top grating. The 10x10 square catch basin also offers multiple size outlet options for seamless pipe connections.

The debris basket in each basin is an essential component for preventing pipe blockage and maintaining the longevity of your drainage system. The basket is easy to remove and clean, making maintenance a breeze. The included grate also provides an added layer of protection by filtering out unwanted debris from entering the basin.

Drainage Made Easy

With our Easy System Basin package, you can rest assured that your drainage needs are covered. Our innovative design makes installation simple and efficient, while the high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability. The Easy System Basins are suitable for both commercial and residential applications, making them a versatile and cost-effective solution.

Elevate your drainage game with our Easy System basins and experience a hassle-free and reliable solution that will last for years.