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8-Inch Internal Channel Drain Packages

Our 8-inch channel drain systems are designed to provide you with flexible options for long runs and complicated installations, thanks to their end-to-end connections. Our 8-inch systems also come with a built-in 90-degree turn, so there's no need for adapters. With multiple grating and load options, you can customize the system to meet your specific load class needs. Trust in our 8-inch channel drain systems for a seamless installation and a reliable water drainage solution.

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Q. How long is each channel?

Each channel is 3.3 ft in length (1 meter) and is designed to connect end to end for a longer run. Or as long as you wish!

Q. Do you have an installation video?

Yes absolutely, we have installation videos on each and every product page. Just open that product page and click the video link. They are excellent.

Q. Can you cut the channels if my lengths are not exact?

Yes absolutely. You can cut and then seal on your end cap with no issues if you have to shorten your distance.

Q. Where can I order these?

Not a silly question, but we are the only company in the market to sell high end systems directly online! Just add to cart, and check out, they will arrive in 3-5 business days!

Q. Do you have Auto CAD files for these channels?

A. Yes absolutely, they are on the download list on the product pages.

8-Inch Channel Packages - Efficient Water Drainage Solutions

Our collection of 8-inch internal channel packages is the perfect solution for anyone looking for efficient and reliable water drainage solutions. These packages are designed for commercial and residential projects and are ideal for areas with heavy rainfall.

Our 8-inch internal channel drain packages are made from a variety of materials, depending on the load capacity your project requires. They are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. These materials are rust-resistant, making them suitable for use in areas where water exposure is frequent.

In addition to their functionality, our 8-inch internal channel drain packages are also visually appealing. Their sleek designs will subtly help you manage water on your property without taking away from your overall aesthetic.

Our collection of 8-inch internal channel drain packages is a great investment for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable water drainage system. With rust-resistant materials, simple installation, and an array of grating options, finding the drain channel package has never been easier. Contact us today for more details.